FESTA vol.22 Event Report[English]

Thanks to all who joined FESTA vol.22 on March 26th!
Although the weather was not so good, we were glad to have you all at the event!

In the opening speech, Masa has announced two big news regarding our FESTA family!
First, Yoshimi Koga, a 4A player who has been joining our FESTA for long time has got sponsored by MAGIC YOYO!!

For this news, FESTA crew had made a special newspaper to celebrate his sponsorship!

Congratulations Yoshimi!
As the very first Japanese member to join team MAGIC YOYO, we are looking forward to seeing your performances in near future!
And the next news was that YOYOFFICER which has been supporting us for years has now become the Gold sponsor!

To celebrate this, we did a special raffle and gave away some YOYOFFICER yoyos to the winners!

Thanks for all your support YOYOFFICER!
[Display Booth]
As usual, we had the display booth with yoyos from all FESTA supporters.
And from this time, yoyos from YOYOFFICER will be displayed at this booth.
Feel free to try with their great yoyos whenever you join our events!

[Mini Contest]
This time, we had the mini contest using wooden YoYoFactory yoyos “Legend” and “Legend Wing”!

The rule is simple. For the pre-lim, all contestants had to do trapeze type trick with butterfly-shaped “Legend Wing”, then do those with organic shaped OG “Legend” at Finals.
Not only the normal trapeze, but contestants had to also perform difficult tricks such as “Behind back trapeze”, “Trapeze Regeneration”, and “Through the tunnel trapeze”.
As they even had to make the at once, even the top level players got super nervous when it was their turn!

And after all difficult trials, Hikaru Yokota became a champion for this contest!
His “Through the tunnel trapeze” was super smooth!!

[Freestyle Contest]
Thanks for all 25 players who joined the freestyle contest this time!

[Award Ceremony]
The champion for freestyle contest is Yamato Murata from sOMEThING by YoYoAddict!

And congratulations for all who got the top prizes!
We are looking forward to seeing your performances at next FESTA!

1st:Yamato Murata 《 sOMEThING by YoYoAddict 》:FESTA Point 5pt
2nd:Daiki Tanaka 《 YoYoFactory 》:FESTA Point 4pt
3rd:Kaito Tanaka 《 iYoYo 》:FESTA Point 3pt
4th:Hajime Miura 《 sOMEThING by YoYoAddict 》:FESTA Point 2pt
5th:Yoshimi Koga 《 MAGIC YOYO》:FESTA Point 1pt
For the 44FESTA Award, Shungo Awaya won this prize for his magical and super smooth freestyle!

>Please check all free styles results from here.
>Please check all free styles videos from here.

Since this day was a birthday for Dee (FIST SALUD), our friend who has been doing MC for FESTA, and Ayumu Harada (CLYW/FIST SALUD), we did a surprize birthday party for them!
Happy birthday you guys!!

And one more surprise! Elliot Ogawa from US has joined our FESTA this time!

Thanks for coming, and hope you enjoyed our FESTA!!
It’s our honor and we’re always welcome to have yoyo friends from all over the world at the events!
[From 44FESTA Crew]
As all regional contests are done, and this year’s Japan National will be held soon in June.
We all feel that every player at the event is practicing super hard for JN.
But before that, we are hoping to see you all at next FESTA vol.23 on April 16th!
FYI, vol.24 is scheduled on May 7th!
Please come join us again and hope these FESTA will be perfect place to practice your freestyle for JN!
We 44FESTA Crew are looking forward to seeing you very soon!

[All FESTA Supporter at the event]

  • sOMEThING by YoYoAddict:Hajime Miura/Kazuya Murata/Yamato Murata

  • iYoYo/Kaito Tanaka

  • YoYoFactory:Akira Kato/Daiki Tanaka

  • FIST SALUD:Jun Taniguchi/Ayumu Harada/Hajime Miura/Daiki Tanaka/Daiki Shimizu
  • CLYW:Ayumu Harada
  • VADE:Ryosuke Kawamura
  • C3yoyodesign:Yamato Fujiwara
  • MAGIC YOYO:Yoshimi Koga
  • DXL:Masanobu Iwata