FESTA vol.28 Event Report[English ver]

A Happy New Year!!
On January 13th, we had the first FESTA event for 2018!
Having guests from America, Hong Kong, and Korea, this FESTA was probably the most gorgeous one ever!

In the greeting speech from Masa, we had announced some new info from our sponsor companies.
And for the special opening demonstration, Daiki Tanaka from mowl and Yoshimi Koga from MAGIC YOYO showed their amazing freestyles!!

[Display Booth]
At the display booth, sample yoyos from our sponsor companies were displayed so that anyone can play with those.
And thanks Kaito Tanaka for adding yoyos from iYoYo products, and Yoshimi Koga for adding MAGIC YOYO products to this booth!!

[2A workshop]
For the first time, we had the 2A workshop in FESTA!
Having Jun from FESTA crew and Yamato Fujiwara as main hosts, we had fun times teaching 2A tricks to each other!

[Mini Contest]
For mini contest this time, the game we chose to do was Pet Bottle Shooting game!
On the stage, each player had to knock out 3 pet bottles as fast as they can with a responsive yoyo!

The fastest shooter was Yamato Fujiwara! Congratulations!!
As a reward, a pair of Hyper Raider was gifted from from Nakamura mejin!

[Freestyle Contest]
In total, 21 players including foreign players joined the freestyle contest!!


[Award Ceremony]
Chamipon for Freestyle Contest is Hajime Miura from sOMEThING by YoYoAddict!!
From this time we are using special design trophy with wooden plate in the front!

And congrars to all top winners for freestyle contest!
We are hoping to see you all at next FESTA freestyle contest as well!

1st:Hajime Miura 《 sOMEThING by YoYoAddict 》FESTA Point 5pt
2nd:Yamato Fujiwara 《 C3yoyodesign 》:FESTA Point 4pt
3rd:Kim Mir:FESTA Point 3pt
4th:Justin Weber:FESTA Point 2pt
5th:Daiju Okamura:FESTA Point 1pt
For FESTA Award, we had awarded Kim Miri from korea for her AMAZING spped combo!! Congrats!

And first time in a while, we had also chose one player for Jun Award!
This prize goes to Kenta Kushiro!! Congrats!

>Click here for all freestyle results
>Click here for freestyle videos
[After Party]
After the regular FESTA event, we had a FESTA New Year Party with all who came to FESTA!
For the surprise raffle, we had so much fun trying to get gorgeous yoyos from FESTA crew, Nakamura Meijin and Turning Point!!

Thanks again for coming to our event, and hoping this year will be the good one for everyone!
[From FESTA crew]

Thanks all for joining FESTA vol.28に!
We were surprised and so happy to see guests from overseas!
We are hoping to see everyone real soon again!
Next FESTA vol.29 will be held on April 1st. More info to come soon on our website/SNS!
[All FESTA supportors at FESTA vol.28]


  • mowl:Daiki Tanaka

  • FIST SALUD:Kenichi Nakamura / Jun Taniguchi / Yoshinori Kawamura / Hajime Miura / Daiki Tanaka / Kazuki Hayashi
  • C3yoyodesign:Yamato Fujiwara

  • JYYA:Kenichi Nakamura

  • MAGIC YOYO:Yoshimi Koga

  • DXL Crew:Masanobu Iwata

  • VADE:Ryosuke Kawamura / Yoshinori Kawamura

  • sOMEThING by YoYoAddict:Hajime Miura

  • iYoYo:Kaito Tanaka