FESTA vol.29 Event Report[English]

We had FESTA vol.29 on April 1st!

From this time, “AA CLUB” has become our Silver Rank Sponsor!
Thanks for the support!!

[Display Booth]
Yoyos and goods from our FESTA were displayed at display booth.

[Mini Contest]
Again we had “Off-string relay” for the Mini Contest.
Yoyos used are Anarchy from mowl and Neo Solar from C3yoyodesign.

The champion team is B team with Shun Matsuda! Amazing pass work guys! Congratulations!!

[Freestyle Contest]
This time we had 20 contests for FS contest!

[Award Ceremony]
The champion this time was Yamato Fujiwara from C3yoyodesign!

And congrats to all the top winners!

1st:Yamato Fujiwara 《 C3yoyodesign 》:FESTA Point 5pt
2nd:Akira Kato 《 YoYoFactory 》:FESTA Point 4pt
3rd:Kenta Kushiro:FESTA Point 3pt
4th:Hajime Miura 《 sOMEThING by YoYoAddict 》:FESTA Point 2pt
5th:Hiroki Ishikawa:FESTA Point 1pt
For FESTA Award, Yuki Tokunaga!

Check all contest results from here
Check all freestyle videos from here
[form 44FESTA Crew]

Thank you all for coming to FESTA vol.29.
Schedule for next FESTA is still TBD.
But we are hoping to see you all again at CHIMERA GAMES held at Odaiba, Tokyo on May 12th and 13th. FESTA will have a both there and also planning to do some mini events. More details coming soon.

CHIMERA GAMES Offical Website
[All FESTA supportors at FESTA vol.29]

  • C3yoyodesign:Yamato Fujiwara

  • JYYA:Kenichi Nakamura

  • sOMEThING by YoYoAddict:Hajime Miura

  • FIST SALUD:Daiki Shimizu / Kenta Kushiro / Kenichi Nakamura / Jun Taniguchi / Hajime Miura

  • DXL Crew:Masanobu Iwata

  • VADE:Ryosuke Kawamura