FESTA 3rd Anniversary Event Report[English]


FESTA 3rd Anniversary (August 6th, 2016)
It’s been 3 years since we had the very first FESTA in August 2013.
Please check out below for the report for our FESTA 3rd Anniversary event!!
The event starts with the speech from M@S@ and Jun from FESTA crew, followed by opening 2A demonstration by Hassy!

Hassy has prepared a special freestyle exclusively for this event!
It’s a shame we did not record this fs, but well…, you know how it went if you’ve already checked his recent fs at AP2016…

From this time, we have got 2 new supporters as our FESTA Support!
First is the world famous Turning Point!!
Founded by the legendary 3A player, Kentaro Kimura, Turning Point makes one of the most powerful yoyos in the market.
Needless to say but the precision of their yoyos is another reason why there are lot of TP fans around the world.

Another new supporter is Team Pre King!
Team Pre King was founded as a sub-brand of YOYO.Y, one kf the biggest Chinese yoyo manufacturer.
Since it is a relatively new brand, I guess few people have heard about them. However, they seem to be preparing many new releases, which we cannot miss!

[Display Booth]
From this time, JYYA has joined our display booth!

[Ladder Tournament]

This was one of the main event this day, the Ladder Tournament!
Players who joined this tournament picked up a random trick card from the box, and had to perform an exact trick on the card.
This sounds kinda easy for everyone, but we added some thrill in this game.
Players had to also pick up a random yoyo card from another box! We had prepared huge varieties of yoyos including looping yoyos and even metal yoyos :)
Among the trick cards in the box, there were the classic tricks like “Tower”, “Soba” and “Spider Baby” which are relatively easy for most yoyoers. But some unlucky playes had to perform “Bank Deposit” or “Rocket into the Pocket” which are difficult if you’re not using a right yoyo!
Even if you picked up an easy trick, you might easily fail if you picked up a yoyo that is not suitable for the trick!

Apparently, we had many young players joining the contest :)
Old school guys joined the tournament too, but some of them were even beaten by the younger players who just started yoying recently! I guess this tells you how severe this Tournament was!
After all the serious battles, Kenshi Maeda has won the Tournament and became the champion for this year’s Ladder atournament!

Shun Maeda got 2nd prize, followed by Tomoki Tomiyama in 3rd!

Comgratulations to all the winners!
[Freestyle Battle Tournament]

Next up is the Freestyle Battle Tournament!
This time we had set a special rule for this tournament.
2 players did the freestyle stimultaneously to the random song picked up by the DJ.
Then the 44FESTA Crew judged the freestyle.
Since you have to react to the random music with your yoyoing skills, it is much more difficult than how you think!

Since there was no division restriction, there were some matches with players doing freestyles in different divisions!

The last match was 1A battle, Tomoki Toyama VS Tomoki Nakano, which ended up with…
Tomoki Nakano winning the contest!!
Tomoki Nakano’s amazing freestyle had even won over Tomoki Toyama, the champion of FESTA vol.18 Freestyle Contest!
Kenshi Maeda who won the Ladder Tournament earlier got 3rd in this contest!
Congrats to all the winners of Freestyle Battle Tournament!

  • FESTA battle Tournament Champion
    Tomoki Nakano


  • FESTA battle Tournament 2nd Place
    Tomoki Toyama


  • FESTA battle Tournament 3rd Place
    Kenshi Maeda

>Check the freestyle videos here
[Award Veremony]
At the ceremony, we had awarded the winners from Ladder Tlurnament and Freestyle Battle Tournament.

And aprt from these winners we had picked up one player who had showed us a great performance during the event.
This Special Award goes to…
Yuwa Sakai!!
Since he always makes us surprised with his super creative tricks, we cannot wait to see his bright yoyoing career at contest scenes!

Next award we announced was the Perfect Attendance Award for those who had attended all FESTA events in 2015-2016 season.

*Hajime Miura also got this award, but he was off to WYYC2016 at the time.
Thanks again for all who have been coming to our FESTA everytime!!
[Last comment from the crew]
Thanks to all your support, we could celebrate the 3rd Anniversary of FESTA.
Not only the experienced players, we feel like younger players had started to showing their precense at the event.
New age of yoyoing might be there right around the corner.
In past 3 years, we are so happy to see so many young yoyoers developing their skills and seeing their names in the top rank of major yoyo contests. We cannot be even more proud of seeing them grow at our events.
With out all our FESTA fans, our FESTA could not be this big and be where we are at right now.
Once again, thank you so much for everyone who had been supporting us for 3 years! We will do our best to even make the event more entertaining in our 4th year!
Next FESTA will be held in September. Please check our site and SNS for mire details.

FESTA Support members at the event

  • yoyofactory:Daiki Tanaka

  • JYYA:Kenichi Nakamura

  • C3yoyodesign:Yamato Fujiwara

  • FIST SALUD:Daiki Tanaka/Kenichi Nakamura/Jun Mikami/Daiki Shimizu/PPM(Representative)/Jun Taniguchi/Yoshinori Kawamura

  • DXL Crew:Masanobu Iwata

  • unknown:Toshihito Hashiba(Representative)